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Spring is here, and when it’s not raining out, the fresh and warmer air is moving through the area.  Why not use this time to start line drying your laundry to save some extra cash?

Not only will you save money in electrical or gas bills by not running the dryer, but your laundry will get that fresh, crisp, clean air dried smell.  Additionally, line drying your clothes actually extends the life of the material from less wear and tear!

If you don’t already have a clothes line outside you have several options to chose from. Here is a great reference on How to Select An Outdoor Clothesline from

If you don’t want your clothes outside for the neighbors to see, or an outdoor clothesline isn’t an option for your home, you can also utilize indoor space to hang clothes to dry! Here are some great options for clotheslines in small spaces that are great for people who want to keep their garments indoors!

Depending on the option you use to line dry your clothes the costs can vary, but the savings could amount to $80-$300 in savings depending on your family size.  Remember those gas, electricity, and dryer sheet costs add up!

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