When purchasing a home you set a date to close on your new home, and you want everybody in the transaction to make sure they do their part to meet the deadline!  As a home buyer, you make sure you get all your financial statements in to your lender, (and any additional documentation they or the underwriter needs ASAP), you schedule your home inspection, call your insurance company, etc. and make sure you get your stuff done so you don’t have delays!

At Marketplace Home Mortgage, L.L.C., we offer and “On Time Closing Guarantee”, as our commitment to making sure that we close your loan on time and correctly!  We want to ensure your loan is done correctly and closes on time, so we Guarantee it, or we will give the seller $5,000 and credit the borrower their first month’s mortgage payment up to$1,500.*  We are THAT committed to making sure you close on time!

For more information about our On Time Closing Guarantee, visit our website!  We would love to help you purchase your next home on time, so call one of our Loan Officers at (920) 328-0049, or email us at MHMGB@MarketplaceHome.com to get started!

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* On Time Closing Guarantee Restrictions Apply.  See Program Disclosure for a complete list of Terms and Conditions.


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