The Real Estate Market continues to stay hot and highly competitive among buyers looking to purchase homes.  In Wisconsin, most areas continue to see lower available inventory on the market for buyers. (Source:  Wisconsin State Journal)

As a home buyer, the best thing you can do in a competitive seller’s market is to be prepared.  That means making sure you have the cash in the bank to buy or put down your down payment, and making sure that you have a solid Pre-Approval.  In a competitive seller’s market, waiting to get a mortgage pre-approval until after you find your dream home, can easily result in losing your opportunity to make an offer to another buyer.  Marketplace Home Mortgage wants to help buyers with the process of buying a home by taking the pre-approval one step further with the U-First 5 Day Loan Commitment.

The U-First 5 Day Loan Commitment helps the buyer secure a firm lender commitment on mortgage financing based on an actual review of your income, assets, and credit by a qualified underwriter for several reasons:

  • Make sure you are shopping for a home in the appropriate price range
  • Increase chances of seller accepting your firm Commitment by an Underwriter over the other bidder’s “pre-qualification” by a loan officer
  • Eliminate financial risk of making an offer on a home and not being able to secure financing
  • Create smooth home buying process between contract acceptance and closing by investing in necessary work up front.

Learn more about our U-First 5 Day Loan Commitment on our Marketplace Home Mortgage Website.  Or, if want to get started and be ready to put in a solid offer when your dream home comes on the market, contact one of our experienced Mortgage Loan Professionals at (920) 328-0049 or by email at




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