Let’s face it, we all have some sort of an inner-foodie in us. The difference is some of us love to embrace it and try new foods all the time while others, tend to keep their inner-foodies under the radar. Whether you are an avid Food Network watcher or the closet foodie, restaurants are a staple in your day to day.

Wisconsin is no different. Throughout the state, there are hundreds and hundreds of restaurants with mouth-watering dishes you can’t wait to share with your friends and family. From chain-restaurants like Red Robin or Olive Garden to mom-and-pop restaurants in your hometowns. Food is one of the best time passers around!

OnlyInYourState.com features ’15 of the most scrumptious restaurants in Wisconsin’. It’s time to plan a day with your loved ones to check out these restaurant staples to throughout the state. Home-cooked food from these hidden gems never beat the chain restaurants.

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