It’s always amazing when you see great things happening in our local communities.  WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development) allocated $13.6 million in new low-income housing tax credits earlier this spring.  One of the biggest projects that is receiving some of these funds is the rehabilitation of the “Old Main” building, located in the VA Soldiers Home Historic District in Milwaukee County.  This historic building is one of three like it located in the United States, and stands as a piece of history for our country.  Check out the full story and how the project is scheduled to unfold in this detailed write up from Graham Kilmer of Urban Milwaukee, WHEDA to Help Restore Soldiers Home.

Check out this additional information if you’d like more information about WHEDA programs and what they can do for you.  If you would like personal assistance with WHEDA programs, contact one of our knowledgeable and professional Mortgage Specialists for more information.  Marketplace Home Mortgage Wisconsin is a proud lending partner of WHEDA.

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 “Old Main” building in the Milwaukee County VA Soldiers Home Historic District.