Who doesn’t want to save money on their mortgage payment every month?  Most homeowners would love that, and to eventually pay a little less for their home.  Some people use great advice like making biweekly payments, rounding up to the next hundred on their monthly payment, or putting extra money they save on other bills towards their principal every month.

Perhaps though, you can save even bigger by refinancing your current mortgage?  If you are paying over 5% on your current interest rate, or maybe even a little under, and you want to take advantage of the market while home values are staying up, now may be the time to consider a refinance!

Check out this great information from Marketplace Home Mortgage on things that could help you to decide to refinance, and give us a call at (920) 328-0049 or email us at MHMGB@MarketplaceHome.com, and lets see what options you may have to save on your current mortgage! We would love to help!

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