Everybody loves to save money!  A penny saved is a penny earned, right?  There is more or less thousands of ways any one person can save money, whether becoming a hermit or just finding simple ways to save a buck or two around the house.  WiseBread, a website about “Living Large on a Small Budget”, has a list of 101 Ways to Save Money Around the House, that may give you an idea or two that you aren’t already using on how to decrease spending and increase the amount you save in your day to day life!

Shopping at the Right Time of Year, Getting the Sunday Paper, Collecting Spare Change, and buying Dollar Store Household Items are just a couple on the list, but there are 97 more on WiseBread’s list that could be right up your “Money Saving Alley”!  What tips can you use, and which ones aren’t listed that you have come up with that may help others?

WiseBread Home Budget

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