With interest staying low, and even dropping slightly in the past month, many people still sit at above 6% on their current mortgage.  Whether you are on a 30 or 15 year fixed, taking a look at your current mortgage situation and talking to a mortgage professional about your options is always a good idea when interest rates are low.  Perhaps it’s time to schedule that meeting and see if you can save money each month by refinancing to a lower rate, or changing the terms of your mortgage to a shorter length to reduce the amount of end interest you’ll pay.  Check out what HuffingtonPost.com has to say about it in their article “Mortgage Interest Rates Drop Again”, and see if their advice could have a positive effect on your monthly out of pocket!

And when you’re done, let us help you!  Call us at (920) 328-0049 or email us at MHMGB@MarketplaceHome.com to set up an appointment with an experienced mortgage professional, to see what options you may have to refinance at rates that could be lower than your current one!Huff Post Low Interest Rates Photo.jpg

*Photo Courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com


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