You may have heard of it before or maybe not before, “No Spend November” or NSN can help prepare your budget for the holiday season. Not to be confused by its name, NSN doesn’t mean to avoid paying your monthly bills and not buying food for a month. It means to leave out any extras you might be spending money on like, going out to eat, visiting a movie theater, buying those new boots you’ve been dying to get, etc. If you’re having a tough time deciding to spend or not to spend, ask yourself: Is is an essential or nonessential?

All the additional money you’ll not be spending in November can be used to buy Christmas gifts for your friends and family. You don’t want your mood during the holidays to feel burdened by the stress on your wallet during December and the early months of the New Year! Help spread the holiday cheer, and this money saving idea, by testing out this 30-day challenge.

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