Becoming a homeowner is an exciting accomplishment. No longer having rules about painting, using nails to hang pictures plus more, are some of the perks of owning a home. It is YOURS; no one can tell you what you can and cannot do. As great as that all sounds, fighting the urge to paint your newly closed-on home immediately may be a hard pill to swallow. You just can’t wait to make it yours and get rid of the seller’s impression lurking throughout the home.

Picking out new colors for your home is a thrill to most new homeowners. But, painting walls in rooms with its new color to match the surrounding floors and accents are something to take into consideration. This can help avoid having to repaint in a few years. Painting is a long and tedious process so its best to picture out colors that fit you and fit your home’s natural character. Here are tips to avoid painting remorse:

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