As a homeowner or any homeowner will tell you, it’s cheaper to purchase anything home-related at a big box home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. These places are the go-to stores for every homeowner’s dream! Looking to buy a new faucet, they have 20 plus options. Or how about buying a microwave? They have ten options to choose from! Though home improvement stores seem like the best option for when it comes to all things home, that’s not always the case! Certain items may end up costing more than you may even realize because these stores know the consumer, like yourself, prefer to purchase everything they need or want all at one store.

Don’t get me wrong, home improvement stores are great for an array of items for your home. Purchasing a new refrigerator or lawn mower? These stores are your place to be! Here are things to avoid purchasing at a home improvement store.

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