The housing market is strong and everyday more and more people start thinking about getting out of the rent trap and applying those monthly payments to their own home.  But in many cases, you can’t walk into a mortgage company with no money down and some closing cost expenses.  Saving ahead of time for your down payment is very important in many ways!  Not only can a larger down payment positively affect your mortgage interest rate, but it also means you will pay less over the term of your loan in interest! (Less money financed means less money to gain interest right?!)  Check out what has to say about How to Save for a Down Payment on a House, and start making progress today on your home ownership dreams!

If you are thinking of becoming a home owner soon, there are a LOT of programs out there that can help you!  Whether you’re thinking in the next couple months, or a year or more from now, sitting down with a Mortgage Lender today is a great idea!  One of our experienced mortgage professionals at Marketplace Home Mortgage Wisconsin can sit down with you and get you the info you need, discuss your situation, and make a plan to work on your finances over time to positively affect your mortgage loan when you are ready!  Contact us today at or by calling (920) 328-0049, and we will get you connected with the best person possible to get you started!

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