In a world with internet access just about everywhere, and identity protection and security being top of mind among most people, you have to be cautious on accepting emails, requests, and solicitations that seem innocent, but may be harmful in the long run.  The mortgage industry sees these scams arise also, and it’s a terrible feeling for any mortgage professional when we see a client who was effected by them, or any other scam, that could have serious negative effects on their financial situation and credit.

Whether it be a phone call, email, flyer, or some other solicitation, if you are a home owner, you could be on a target list for these scammers to offer an unbelievable mortgage refinance promotion.  Always making sure that the communication is coming from a reputable and legitimate mortgage lender is always a good first step to making sure it’s not a scam and actually someone who can be trusted. has a few things to say about making sure you don’t become a victim too, and has a lot of information about How to Avoid Mortgage Refinancing Scams!  Check it out and make sure you stay safe!

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